Transneft Diascan Takes Part in International Oil & Gas Indonesia 2019 Exhibition

Date of publication: 27 September 2019

Transneft Diascan has taken part in the 12th international Oil & Gas Indonesia 2019 exhibition which was held in Jakarta (Indonesia).

The Company presented mockup models of two inspection tools (combined magnetic and ultrasonic) at its exhibition booth. These tools had been developed and manufactured by Transneft Diascan for in-line inspection (ILI). An ultrasonic inspection tool allows you to diagnose dangerous pipe wall defects such as corrosion, lamination, notches and shift of girth welds. At present, the Company uses advanced fourth-generation ultrasonic devices.

Combined magnetic inspection tools are one of the unique developments of Transneft Diascan’s designers. The tool allows to detect various types of defects located in the base metal of the pipe wall and its welded joints, as well as illegal tappings, through the use of both axial and circumferential magnetisation, more effectively and accurately.

The Oil & Gas Indonesia exhibition is a major oil and gas forum in the Southeast Region, where Transneft Diascan is expanding its presence in the field of in-line inspection. Previously, the Company's specialists performed diagnostic works in Malaysia.