Transneft Diascan Puts into Operation New Combined Magnetic Inspection Tool Supporting Inspection of Gas Pipelines

Date of publication: 25 July 2019

Transneft Diascan has commissioned a new combined magnetic inspection tool 32-MSK.10-00.000 with speed control. The inspection tool provides for in-line inspection of oil and petroleum products pipelines, as well as gas pipelines with outer diameters of 32" and 34" in accordance with the API standard (32" GOST).

This device detects defects of pipelines located at arbitrary angles relative to the longitudinal axis of the pipeline. The in-line inspection tool can move in both a fluid flow and a gas flow. The speed control that is included in the design of the tool enables its use in gas pipelines. It maintains the speed of the inspection tool in the working range (from 2.5 to 3.0 m/s). The inspection tool includes a battery section and three magnetic sections: one of them has longitudinal magnetisation (MFL), and two others have circumferential magnetisation (TFI). The tool can also be operated in either MFL or TFI mode. The new inspection tool will allow Transneft Diascan to expand its diagnostic capabilities for the oil and gas sector.

Combined inspection tools are one of Transneft Diascan designers’ unique developments which is used by manufacturers of in-line inspection equipment worldwide. The combined units operate using a combination of advantages of various examination methods. This technology makes it possible to effectively detect defects of various types within one run of the tool along the pipeline. In particular, the MFL + TFI combined magnetic inspection tool detects pitting corrosion, slit-shaped defects in circumferential and longitudinal welds and in the body of the pipe, as well as notches.