Transneft Diascan Presents Domestically Produced Devices for In-Line Inspection at Neftegaz 2021 International Exhibition

Date of publication: 30 April 2021

Transneft Diascan has participated in the 20th Neftegaz international anniversary exhibition. One of the largest industry events took place from 26 to 29 April in Moscow at the Expocentre.

At the exhibition stand, Transneft presented mockup models of in-line inspection tools of its own design and production of Transneft Diascan: the multi-channel geometry tool, the WM ultrasonic inspection tool and the combined magnetic in-line inspection tool.

Multi-channel geometry tools are used to measure the size of the internal flow area and turning radii of various diameter pipelines; they are able to detect dents, ovality, buckles, determine the radii, directions of bends and pipe rotation angles.

The WM ultrasonic inspection tool is designed to detect pipeline defects by scanning the pipe material with ultrasound while the tool is moving in the flow of the pumped product. The device allows to detect defects such as corrosion, lamination, notches and displacement of girth welds. 

Combined inspection tools are one of the unique developments of Transneft Diascan’s designers. The combined magnetic-ultrasonic device allows performing both magnetic and ultrasonic pipeline inspection in one run. Joint analysis of ultrasonic and magnetic data allows, in addition to defects detected by magnetic and ultrasonic inspection tools (pitting corrosion, lamination and metal loss, reduction in pipe wall thickness, notches, etc.), to reliably register longitudinal and transverse cracks and identify defects in longitudinal and transverse welds.

The presented types of inspection tools are developed and assembled by Transneft Diascan at the production base in Lukhovitsy (Moscow Region); at present, the fleet of in-line inspection tools is more than 100 pieces. The exhibited pieces of equipment traditionally aroused increased interest among visitors.

Transneft Diascan Press Service