Transneft Diascan Inspects Almost 9,000 Km of Pipelines in 1Q 2021

Date of publication: 09 April 2021

In Q1 2021, Transneft Diascan inspected more than 8.7 km of Transneft’s trunk pipelines. The work was carried out as part of Transneft oil trunk pipelines (OTPs) and petroleum products trunk pipelines (PPTPs) diagnostic inspection plan.

During the indicated period, 8.1 thou km of oil trunk pipelines and 639 km of petroleum products pipelines were inspected. The inspection was carried out using in-line inspection tools of the company’s own design and production: geometry tools, ultrasonic, magnetic and combined inspection tools (combined magnetic and combined magnetic-ultrasonic).

The combined tools use several inspection methods at once and allow to detect various types of combined defects, such as a dent combined with a notch or a dent combined with a crack, more efficiently and accurately.

Following the results of the inspection, the condition of the examined facilities was declared satisfactory. The defects detected will be eliminated during scheduled repairs.

Transneft Diascan is the largest Russian supplier providing services of technical diagnostics for pipelines with a diameter of 159 to 1,220 mm (6” – 48”). At present, the company has more than 100 inspection tools. The innovative equipment allows to timely assess the technical condition of pipeline transportation facilities with high accuracy and ensure environmental safety of hydrocarbon transportation.

Transneft Diascan Press Service