Transneft Diascan Commissions New Inspection Tools for Pipelines’ Inspection

Date of publication: 29 December 2020

Transneft Diascan has commissioned 2 new examination sets: 8-CMIT and 10-CMIT combined magnetic inspection tools designed to inspect pipelines with a diameter of 219 and 273 mm, respectively. The in-line diagnostic tools’ development was carried out as part of Transneft’s innovation development programme.

The combined magnetic inspection tools detect such dangerous defects as pitting corrosion, different slit-shaped defects in circumferential and longitudinal welds and in the body of the pipe, as well as notches. In addition, the equipment is capable of detecting illegal tappings. For the first time, the new inspection tools’ design allows simultaneous use of 2 measuring systems of longitudinal (MFL) and transverse (TFI) magnetisation on devices of this standard size. This will allow detecting defects of any position in one pass via the pipeline, while the previous modification allowed detecting only transverse defects. In addition, separate use of the inspection tool in the MFL or TFI versions is provided.

The diagnostic tools have passed comprehensive tests for resistance to climatic (temperatures from minus 40 ºС to plus 70 ºС) and mechanical factors. The inspection tools’ passes were also carried out at Transneft Diascan liquid test ground.

Transneft Diascan Press Service