Transneft Diascan Obtains Patent for Measuring Device

Date of publication: 09 April 2020

Transneft Diascan has obtained patent of the Russian Federation No. 2714465 for its new measuring device – an odometer based on a magnetic encoder. The document confirming the exclusive right to this technical solution was issued by the Federal Intellectual Property Service of the Russian Federation.

The odometer is a device for measuring the distance covered by in-line inspection tools to monitor the technical condition of pipelines. It contains a fixed bracket connected by a spring element to the lever on which a measuring wheel is mounted. It contacts the pipeline wall and makes a rotational movement around the axle.

The previous odometer models were based on inductive and optical sensors.  Both of these models have a number of drawbacks, such as measurement accuracy errors or the inability to be used in small-diameter pipelines.

The device patented by Transneft Diascan contains a measuring element which is based the electromagnetic encoder, which is hermetically sealed on the odometer axle. It is also possible to use a transverse magnetisation magnet. The use of this solution allows to reduce the transverse dimension of the measuring wheel, as well as the resistance to rotation. As a result, it can be used for in-line inspection of small-diameter pipelines. The invention also allows to increase the number of pulses and, as a result, to improve the accuracy of measuring the distance covered by the in-line inspection tool.

Transneft Diascan Press Service