Transneft Diascan Upgrades Combined Magnetic Inspection Tool for Pipeline Diagnostics

Date of publication: 18 February 2020

Transneft Diascan has upgraded the MDScan 48” combined magnetic inspection tool. This device allows to conduct in-line inspection of oil and petroleum products trunk pipelines with an outer diametre of 48”.

The combined magnetic inspection tool detects defects of pipelines located at arbitrary angles relative to the longitudinal axis of the pipeline. The upgraded instrument has new MFL and TFI measuring systems equipped with new-generation five-component sensors. They have high sensitivity to detect small defects’ dispersion field, which ensures more accurate detection of pipe wall defects (slits, notches and metal loss).

The inspection tool includes three magnetic sections: one of them has axial magnetisation (MFL) and two others have circumferential magnetisation (TFI). The tool can also be operated in either MFL or TFI mode.

Currently, Transneft Diascan’s fleet of in-line inspection tools consists of more than 90 units, which are aimed at ensuring the pipelines’ safe operation.

Transneft Diascan Press Service