Transneft Diascan Upgrades Two Ultrasonic Inspection Tools

Date of publication: 30 January 2020

Transneft Diascan has upgraded the 6-UZD.03 and 14-UZD.03 ultrasonic inspection tools designed for diagnostics of pipelines with a diametre of 6” and 14”/16”/20” respectively. The upgraded tools have expanded the line of ultrasonic inspection tools of the last fourth generation.

During the upgrading of the 6-UZD.03, the design of the inspection tool was optimised, more efficient electronic equipment with reduced overall dimensions was developed. This allowed ensuring both separate and simultaneous use of the WM and CDL sensor carriers for pipeline diagnostics. Also, the number of the WM sensors was increased in the updated carrier, which allowed to increase the accuracy of diagnostics.

The modernisation of the 14-USK.03 inspection tool is aimed at improving the detection of defects in pipe dents. The updated tool was equipped with the WM sensor carrier of a fundamentally new design for these purposes. It ensures the optimal position of the ultrasonic sensors relative to the inner surface of the pipeline, as well as allows the sensors to be properly in contact with the pipe’s surface at the place of deformation. This allows to more accurately detect and measure defects such as risks, metal losses, lamination on dents and buckles.

Both upgraded tools passed acceptance testing at the test ground, as well as at sections of the existing oil pipelines. Detectability and measurement error of defects by diagnostic tools meet the requirements of technical specifications.

Transneft Diascan Press Service