Representatives of Chevron American Company Visit Transneft Diascan

Date of publication: 21 November 2019

Representatives of the Chevron American company have visited Transneft Diascan. The introductory visit of the specialists implementing projects in the field of pipeline transport was paid as part of experience exchange between Transneft and the American corporation. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the production depot of the Company and discuss the prospects for cooperation in the field of in-line inspection.

Pipeline clean-up and inspection gadgets developed by the specialists of Transneft Diascan, namely gauging pigs, a multichannel geometry tool, an ultrasonic inspection tool, as well as combined magnetic and magnetic ultrasonic tools, were presented to the guests. Chief Designer of Transneft Diascan Dmitry Glinkin spoke about the principles of operation of in-line tools and their features to the Chevron representatives. The guests showed great interest in this part of the programme.

The representatives of the American corporation visited the electronic components assembly site of the assembly shop, the laboratory for testing pipes, received information about the test ground for diagnostic tools.

The Chevron representatives visited the polyurethane production shop, where PIG parts are manufactured, and got acquainted with the manufactured products. The final point of the introductory visit was the analytical centre, where the specialists of Transneft Diascan process the data from the tools obtained as a result of in-line diagnostics, analyse them and issue reports on the condition of the examined pipelines.

Transneft Diascan Press Service