Transneft Diascan Inspects 290 Oil and Petroleum Products Storage Tanks over 7 Months of 2019

Date of publication: 09 August 2019

Over the 7 months of 2019, Transneft Diascan has inspected 290 oil and petroleum products storage tanks. The work was conducted as part of Transneft’s integrated programme on diagnostic examination of pipelines and PS facilities for 2019.

Full technical diagnostics with decommissioning was performed at 36 tanks; partial technical diagnostics without decommissioning was performed at 58 tanks.

196 additional examinations of tanks were performed: monitoring of tanks (30 pcs), technical condition control of aluminium dome-shaped roofs of vertical steel tanks (3 pcs), condition control of external and internal anticorrosive coating (100 pcs), additional inspection tool control (X-ray examination) of welded joints between the third and the fourth belts of tank wall (40 pcs) and other works. The inspection was conducted using ultrasonic, acoustic emission and industrial radiography methods.

The bulk of works was conducted at facilities of Transneft Volga Region (46 tanks), Transneft Primorsk Port (29 tanks), Transneft Kama Region (26 tanks), Transneft Siberia (25 tanks), and Transneft Urals (25 tanks).

Moreover, from the start of 2019, Transneft Diascan has inspected 381 units of additional equipment used at oil and petroleum products trunk pipelines. Diagnostics of 1075 mechanical and process equipment units and 116 automation and pipeline telemetry systems were performed as well. 48 km of pipelines were inspected, full technical diagnostics was performed at 16 km of oil trunk pipeline (OTP) and PS lines.

The diagnostics were performed both using the Company’s own resources and with involvement of subcontracting organisations. Following the results of the inspection, the condition of the examined facilities was declared satisfactory; plans of repairs to eliminate the discovered defects were made.  

Transneft Diascan Press Service