Transneft Diascan Inspects Over 21 Thou Km of Pipelines in 1H of 2019

Date of publication: 05 July 2019

In 1H 2019, Transneft Diascan has inspected more than 21,000 km of Transneft’s trunk pipelines.

Over the past 6 months, the Company diagnosed 17.9 thousand km of oil trunk pipelines (OTPs). Most of work was carried out at the OTPs of Transneft East (4.7 thousand km), Transneft Siberia (3.1 thousand km) and Transneft Baltic (2.3 thousand km).

The start of 2019 also saw in-line diagnostics of 3.4 thousand km of Transneft’s petroleum products trunk pipelines (PPTPs). Most of the work was done at facilities of Transneft Upper Volga (1.2 thousand km) and Transneft Druzhba (1.2 thousand km).

The defects detected in the inspection process will be eliminated during scheduled repairs.

Transneft Diascan is Russia’s largest supplier of technical inspection services for pipelines with the diameter from 159 to 1220 mm (6”- 48”). The work is carried out using proprietary inspection tools: geometry tools; ultrasonic, magnetic, combined magnetic and combined magnetic ultrasonic inspection tools; ultrasonic devices for multi-angle examination of pipe walls and inspection tools to detect defects in the insulation coating of pipelines. At present, the fleet of modern in-line diagnostic tools of Transneft Diascan consists of more than 90 units. All of them allow to assess the technical condition of pipeline transportation facilities with high accuracy and ensure environmental safety of hydrocarbon transportation.

Transneft Diascan Press Service