Transneft Diascan Takes Part in Mexican Oil Congress

Date of publication: 25 June 2019

Transneft Diascan has taken part in the 14th Mexican Oil Congress and the CMP Trade Fair 2019. The event was held on 19-22 June 2019 in the city of León, Mexico.

The Company presented mockup models of in-line inspection devices of its own design and production at the individual exhibition test bench — specifically, ultrasonic and combined magnetic inspection tools.

The ultrasonic device is designed for nondestructive control (thickness gauging) of pipelines using ultrasonic scanning of the pipe wall, with the inspection tool moving in the flow of the pumped liquid (crude and its products). It allows detecting defects, such as corrosion, lamination, notches and displacement of girth welds.

At present, Transneft Diascan uses fourth-generation ultrasonic inspection tools. The upgraded devices are equipped with a new sensor carrier with enhanced flexibility of the runners on which adaptive bars with sensors on moving suspension elements are installed. This allows the sensors to be properly in contact with the pipe’s surface at the place of deformation within dents and buckles, thus making it possible to detect and measure such defects as scratch marks, metal loss and lamination located within dents and buckles.

The combined magnetic in-line inspection tool with axial and circumferential magnetisation (MFL + TFI) is a unique development of the Company’s designers. The tool allows to detect various types of defects located in the base metal of the pipe wall and its welded joints, as well as illegal tappings, through the use of both axial and circumferential magnetisation, more effectively and accurately.

Held annually, the Mexican Oil Congress is the most remarkable event in the oil and gas industry of Latin America.

Transneft Diascan Press Service