Transneft Diascan Takes Part in KIOGE 2018 International Exhibition

Date of publication: 02 October 2018

Transneft Diascan has taken part in the 26th International Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference (KIOGE). The leading events of the oil and gas industry took place on 26-28 September 2018 in Almaty (the Republic of Kazakhstan).

As part of Transneft’s exhibition, Transneft Diascan presented its proprietary advanced developments for in-line inspection. In particular, a mockup model of a combined magnetic ultrasonic defectoscope (MFL+WM+CD) was demonstrated. This device uses the magnetic flux leakage detection (MFL) method and two ultrasonic methods: with ultrasonic beam direct input (WM) and with ultrasonic beam inclined input (CD). Thanks to the combination of the diagnostic methods, it is possible to detect various defects in the most effective way, including the dangerous combined ones.

The exhibition also included an interactive model simulating the operation of the defectoscope inside a pipeline.

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The KIOGE International Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference is an authoritative platform for presenting innovative technologies and oil and gas industry’s main development trends. Being an important event for the sector, it promotes development of relevant economic ideas and solutions for the oil and gas sector.

Transneft Diascan Press Service