Transneft Diascan Presents Mockup Models of Proprietary Combined Inspection Devices at Exhibition in Brazil

Date of publication: 28 September 2018

Transneft Diascan has taken part in the Rio Oil & Gas 2018 international exhibition and conference. One of the world's largest industrial forums was held on 24 –  27 September 2018 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Transneft Diascan presented mockup models of proprietary combined in-line inspection devices: a magnetic in-line defectoscope with axial and circumferential magnetisation (MFL + TFI) and a combined magnetic ultrasonic in-line defectoscope (MFL+WM+CD).

Combined defectoscopes are one of Transneft Diascan’s unique developments which are now used globally by manufacturers of in-line inspection equipment. These devices allow the most accurate detection and measurement of defects of different types during one run, including those that are difficult to detect using conventional single-section defectoscopes, for example, the following dangerous combined defects: a dent with a scratch mark, a dent with a crack, loss of metal by corrosion or a weld defect, lamination with loss of metal by corrosion.

The Rio Oil & Gas international exhibition and conference is held in Brazil every two years and includes exhibitions in the field of gas, oil and petrochemical industries. Transneft Diascan regularly participates in this forum and presents the services of in-line inspection of pipelines using devices of its own design and production.

Transneft Diascan Press Service