Transneft Diascan’s Magnetic System for Thick-Walled Small Diameter Pipeline Inspection Legally Protected

Date of publication: 29 August 2018

Transneft Diascan and Transneft have become right owners to a patent for the invented Flaw detector axial magnetisation magnetic system for inspection of thick-walled small diameter pipelines.

The protected technical solution is designed to expand the operational capabilities of the magnetic system during inline inspections due to a reduction of its diameter. The structure of the magnetic system enables the flaw detector to pass pipeline’s bottlenecks and bends.

The axial magnetisation system may be applied to inspect 6” pipelines with the wall thickness of 14 mm to identify transverse defects of the pipe and inspect circumferential welds.

The invention is intended to be used in various types of inspection tools: magnetic, combined magnetic and magnetic-ultrasonic, both as single-section and multiple-section flaw detectors.

Transneft Diascan is a hi-tech science-based business with sophisticated sci-tech base and high innovative potential. To date, Transneft Diascan owner the rights to more than 140 titles of intellectual property protection, including utility and invention patents (including in other states), certificates for computer and database software.

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