In H1 2018 Transneft Diascan Inspected Some 17,000 km of Trunk Pipelines

Date of publication: 06 July 2018 Print

In H1 2018, using proprietary in-line inspection tools, Transneft Diascan inspected 17,626.3 km of Transneft trunk pipelines, including 14,428.1 km of oil trunk pipelines (OTPs) and 3,198.2 km of petroleum products trunk pipelines (PPTPs). The figures meet the inspection plan for 2018.

Most of the works related to in-line inspection of oil pipelines were performed in the OTPs operated by Transneft East (5,414.7 km), Transneft Volga Region (2,294.3 km) and Transneft Far East (2,052.4 km). Most of the PPTP inspection was done at facilities of Transneft Baltic (1,057.6 km) and Transneft Upper Volga (808.7 km).

Altogether, 296 in-line inspection technical reports were prepared in the first half of 2018. The flaws detected are to be removed during scheduled repairs.

Transneft Diascan is Russia’s largest provider of pipeline technical inspection services; the Company inspects oil and petroleum products pipelines with a diameter of 6” to 48” using proprietary in-line inspection tools (ILITs). The average annual scope of in-line inspection work covers some 60,000 km of pipelines. The surveys are done using multichannel BGTs fitted with navigation modules, WM and CD ultrasonic defectoscopes, MFL and TFI magnetic defectoscopes, combined magnetic and combined magnetic ultrasonic detectoscopes, as well as defectoscopes used to reveal randomly oriented defects. By their performance parameters, some ILITs manufactured by Transneft Diascan are unique and unrivalled around the world.

Transneft Diascan Press Service