Transneft Diascan finishes the programme of upgrading its DKK series combined magnetic ultrasonic defectoscopes

Date of publication: 15 March 2018 Print

Transneft Diascan has finished the programme of upgrading its DKK combined magnetic ultrasonic defectoscopes.

Within the upgrading programme, 10 combined magnetic ultrasonic defectoscopes of three sizes (20”, 28/32” and 40/48”) were improved. The upgrading improved the resolution of tools 1.6 times by increasing the number of WM ultrasonic sensors; the minimum dimensions of identifiable defects (the scratch mark type) were reduced 2.5 times by width and 1.5 times by depth, energy consumption of electronic equipment decreased by 48%.

The tools have successfully passed the integrated acceptance testing for resistance to climatic and mechanical factors, as well as an inspection to verify the compliance of detectability characteristics listed in the certificate and accuracy measurement error parameters with the terms of reference.

Pictured: the latest tool upgraded under the programme: 40-DKK combined magnetic ultrasonic defectoscope

Transneft Diascan Press Service