Transneft Diascan Patents a Test Ground As a Metrological Facility

Date of publication: 27 February 2018 Print

Transneft Diascan has been granted a Patent of the Russian Federation for its “Metrological Test Ground” Invention. The document protects expansion of functionalities of the Company’s test ground which allows carrying out metrological works.

Transneft Diascan’s test ground is unique in terms of its equipment and technical possibilities. The facility has no analogue in the international inspection practice. It is intended for pulling pipeline inspection gadgets (PIGs) via the pipelines filled with operational fluid (30% glycerine solution) and most precisely simulates in-line inspection of oil trunk pipelines. The main mission of the test ground is to conduct integrated testing of PIGs to improve their structures as well as to polish the methods used for interpreting defects discovered during in-line inspection. Currently, the test ground has more than 12.000 defects at its disposal to solve those tasks, including natural defects from the functioning oil and petroleum product trunk pipelines. Apart from that, the test ground has all the necessary conditions for metrological works with a view to calibration and verification of in-line inspection gadgets as metering devices. And that’s the technical solution which is protected with the patent.

Transneft Diascan already holds patents that protect technical solutions created at the test ground: “A method to test a pipeline inspection gadget in a ring pipeline test ground,” “A test ground pipeline with a pipeline PIG trap,” “A test ground,” “A method to check serviceability of pipeline inspection gadgets".

Transneft Diascan is a hi-tech and knowledge-intensive business with an advanced scientific and technological base and high potential for innovations. As of now, the Transneft Diascan’s package of documents protecting intellectual property includes 39 utility patents, 47 invention patents (including the foreign ones), 36 software certificates and 9 database certificates.

Transneft Diascan Press Service