Transneft Diascan has summed up the results of implementation of activities regarding energy saving and increasing energy efficiency in 2017.

Date of publication: 29 January 2018 Print

One of the main directions of resource saving activities of Transneft Diascan is implementation of the programme in energy saving and increasing energy efficiency. Saving of fuel and energy resources was achieved in 2017 in accordance with the list of activities of the programme.

Electric energy consumption for own requirements was reduced by 30.2 thousand kWh due to modernization of the external and internal lighting systems by means of installation of photo relay, energy efficient LED lamps. They have significant advantages as regards power consumption, operating life and ecological safety in comparison with traditional incandescent lamps.

Heat energy saving was achieved due to transfer of the heating system to standby mode and was equal to 5.64 Gcal.

Consumption of boiler and furnace fuels was reduced by 6.53 tons of reference fuel (5.7 thousand cubic metres) due to operational tests of boilers and safety and regulation automatics.

Consumption of motor fuel last year was reduced by 11.08 tons of reference fuel due to equipping all the enterprise’s automotive vehicles with the GLONASS system. This system allowed to optimize the routes of automotive vehicles and to use their capacities to maximum effect.

All the activities on reducing consumption of fuel and energy resources have been 100% performed, due to which the planned decrease in the indices by 0.5% in comparison with 2016 was achieved. In monetary terms saving was equal to 480.95 thousand rubles.

2018 is declared as the Year of Energy Saving at the entities of Transneft system. The work focused on increase of energy efficiency and energy saving at the facilities of Transneft Diascan will continue This year the company plans to achieve reducing of specific consumption of fuel and energy resources not less than by 0.5% in relation to the last year indices, which will secure saving of fuel and energy resources to the amount of not less than 460 thousand rubles.

Press Service of Transneft Diascan