Transneft Diascan summed up intermediate results of the Energy Saving Program

Date of publication: 04 October 2017 Print

Transneft Diascan summed up the intermediate results of the energy saving and energy efficiency enhancement program for 2017. The scheduled 0.5% reduction in fuel and energy resources (FER) consumption indicators over 2016 was achieved in the three quarters of the current year.

FER reduction under Transneft Diascan’s energy saving and energy efficiency enhancement program was facilitated by a comprehensive set of efforts.

Electricity savings amounted to 22,700 kWh in 3Q 2017, due to upgrading the internal and external illumination system by installation of light relays and energy saving LED lamps, which provide significant advantages in terms of consumed capacity, operation periods and environmental safety over conventional filament lamps.

The engine oil savings were achieved by fitting up all of the Company’s cars with the GLONASS system and amounted to 8.31 tons of fuel oil equivalent. The introduced system streamlined the motor transport routes and maximized the efficiency of using its capacity and cargo capacity.

Consumption of boiler and furnace fuels for thermal energy generation at Transneft Diascan reduced the fuel consumption by 6.53 tons of fuel oil equivalent, facilitated by the process flow tests held in 1Q and 2Q 2017 on boilers and automatic safety controls. These efforts enabled boosting efficiency of boilers and cut down the boiler and furnace oil consumption.

In addition, to secure the systemic approach to energy saving and to boost energy efficiency, according to ISO 50001:2011, Transneft Diascan began introducing the energy management system in 2017.

Transneft Diascan Press Service