Transneft Diascan became a holder of right for five invention patents

Date of publication: 26 September 2017 Print

For the last summer months of 2017 Transneft-Diascan became a holder of rights for five Russian Federation patents for its own inventions. The technical solutions protected by these patents have found use in the field of in-line inspection and interpretation of diagnostics data, they increase efficiency and quality of the work. In addition, these technical solutions allow to implement domestic technology and products within the import phase out programs.

Patent No.2628392 Spheroidal two-layer polyurethane products manufacturing technique. The invention relates to the field of manufacture of cast polyurethane products and can be used to manufacture spheroidal products, such as spherical pistons for mechanical displacement provers ensuring repeated displacement of the known volume of the medium being measured from the calibration area of the prover. The patented technique can also be used to manufacture spheroidal phase separators for serial transfer of oil products along the pipeline, which allow to separate heterogeneous liquids from each other, or liquids from gas during serial transfer along the pipeline.

Patent No. 2626744 In-line ultrasonic defectoscope. The invention allows to expand upwards the thickness range of the wall being inspected during transfer of heterogeneous liquids and simplify requirements for the carrier design

Patent No. 2628041 Technique to compensate error in measurement of the distance covered by odometric PIG systems with adjustment of diagnostics data to nominal pipe section lengths. The patented technique relates to processing of the results of the trunk oil and petroleum product pipeline in-line diagnostics conducted by any non-destructive examination method, specifically, it relates to mapping of the diagnostics data on the pipe development view.

Patent No. 2621216 Technique of in-line ultrasonic inspection of welded joints. Technical result of the patented technique is intended to increase credibility of defect detection, particularly, detection of piping wall defects oriented along the piping axis.

Patent No. 2625985 Manufacturing technique for a flange insert intended to check operability of in-line inspection devices at the piping test site. This manufacturing technique of a flange insert intended to check operability of in-line inspection devices at the piping test site, such as ultrasonic, magnet, magnet and ultrasonic inspection devices used for in-line non-destructive examination and inspection devices used for profile logging, thickness gauging and determination of pipeline spatial position.

Transneft-Diascan is a high tech science-based enterprise with a well-developed scientific and technical base and high innovation potential. Today, a set of protection documents of Transneft Diascan includes 39 useful model patents, 43 utility patents, 36 certificates for ECM software and 9 certificates for data bases.

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