Transneft Diascan participated in Import Substitution specialised exhibition in Moscow

Date of publication: 15 September 2017 Print

Transneft Diascan participated in the 3rd Import Substitution International Specialised Exhibition. The event was held in Moscow on 12-14 September 2017.

The company exhibited mockup models of proprietary pipeline inspection gadgets (PIGs): combined magnetic flaw detector with longitudinal and transversal magnetisation (MFL + TFI) and combined magnetic and ultrasonic flaw detector (MFL+WM+CD).

Combined magnetic flaw detectors based on MFL + TFI technology allow for more efficient and accurate detection of various type flaws including illegal tapping and weld flaws owing to longitudinal and transversal magnetisation applied.

Combined magnetic and ultrasonic flaw detectors support both magnetic (MFL) and ultrasonic (WM and CD) pipeline testing for metal loss and longitudinal and transversal cracks in one run. This allows efficiently combine advantages of both major in-line inspection methods.

Transneft Diascan uses primarily domestic components to fabricate their diagnostic tools. For example, their percentage is 78% in a combined magnetic and ultrasonic flaw detector fabricated; by 2020, the percentage will increase to 85%. Therewith, 100% PIG mechanical parts and assemblies are manufactured at Transneft Diascan proprietary production facilities or by hi-tech enterprises, located in the Russian Federation territory and involved into the outsourcing cooperation.


Import Substitution international specialised exhibition is held with the support of the RF Government, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and governmental bodies. The project goal is to demonstrate developing potential of national enterprises to manufacture competitive domestic goods and render services capable of import substitution, their use in various sectors of the Russian economy and their promotion in the international market.

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