Transneft Diascan presented unique pipeline inspection equipment at Congreso Mexicano del Petróleo

Date of publication: 13 June 2017 Print

Transneft Diascan took part in the Congreso Mexicano del Petróleo (CMP 2017), held in Monterrey (Mexico) on 7–10 June 2017.

The company’s booth displayed a dummy model of a combined magnetic defectoscope with axial and circumferential magnetization (MFL + TFI). The device is a unique development of Transneft Diascan. Its operating principle relies on a method of magnetic flux leakage registration in axial and circumferential directions. The metal loss defects in the magnetised pipe wall cause a magnetic flux leakage which is registered by the device. The application of the axial and circumferential magnetisation in the defectoscope enables more efficient and precise spotting of various types of defects, including illegal tie-ins and welded joint defects.

Starting from 2006, the Congreso Mexicano del Petróleo takes place annually with the support of businesses connected with oil exploration and production, is led by the Mexican Association of Exploration Geophysicists (AMGE), and is the major event in the oil and gas industry of Latin America.

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Transneft Diascan is a hi-tech production and research business that develops inspection equipment successfully rivalling the world’s top peers, and elaborates unique devices that are unrivalled around the world. The business has been equipped with latter-day ultrasonic, magnetic, and combined defectoscopes, geometry tools, and position locators for pipelines with the diameter from 6” to 48”.

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