Combined magnetic ultrasonic defectoscope produced by Transneft Diascan obtained the right for CE-marking

Date of publication: 26 May 2017 Print

Transneft Diascan successfully finished the second stage of certification of the diagnostic equipment for compliance with the European safety requirements.

Experts of the Minproject (EAD), the notified body of Bulgaria, issued approval of the quality management system of production of 40-ДМУ.01 – the device which in 2016 obtained the European certificate of compliance with the requirements of the directive АТЕХ. The approval confirms the quality of the production process in accordance with the requirements of the directive АТЕХ, as well as allows making CE marking and applying the identification number of the notified body on the examination device. Further such audit will be conducted annually within the validity period of the main АТЕХ certificate.

The products of Transneft Diascan are used in explosive environment, so they fall within the scope of the directive АТЕХ, providing for CE marking. The marking means that the products correspond to the European safety requirements. Besides, it secures free use of the equipment in all the countries of the European Union.

In the nearest future the enterprise plans to obtain certification for compliance with the European safety requirements for another 22 in-line inspection tools.

Press Service of Transneft Diascan