Transneft Diascan, JSC conducts works on calibration of pipeline gadgets

Date of publication: 29 September 2015

    Transneft Diascan, JSC conducts works on calibration of pipeline inspection gadgets (PIGs). At the present time calibration of four pipeline gadgets: two magnetic defectoscopes 20” and 42” in diameter, one single channel geometry tool with navigation system 40/48”. In total calibration and performance check of measuring systems of 51 pipeline inspection gadgets is planned for 2015 according to the work plan of the test range.

   Calibration of the defectoscopes at the test range is conducted for the purpose of experimental validation of passport specifications of the pipeline gadgets with the help of test specimens of defects with which the pipelines of the test range are equipped. The results of performance of the gadget on defect detection taking into account the inaccuracies are compared with passport specifications, and if they coincide, the calibration shall be considered successful. After that certificate on the PIG calibration is executed and the tool gains access to diagnostic works until the next control period. Without the certificate on calibration exploitation of pipeline inspection gadgets is prohibited.

   Geometry tools and defectoscopes pass primary calibration within the period of acceptance inspection of the gadget. Subsequent periodical inspection of the PIG measuring system shall be performed at one year intervals, as well as after medium and overhaul repair of PIGs and after withdrawal of the defectoscope from conservation.