From the beginning of 2015 Transneft Diascan, JSC diagnosed 370 tanks for oil storage

Date of publication: 28 August 2015

From the beginning of 2015 Transneft Diascan, JSC diagnosed 370 tanks for oil and oil products storage. The works were conducted both by using own resources of the enterprise and with the assistance of subcontracting organizations within the limits of Overall Program of Diagnostic Examination of Pipelines and Objects of PS of Transneft, JSC for 2015.

At 79 tanks partial technical diagnostics was conducted without removal of the constructions from service, at 44 objects full technical diagnostics was conducted, the tanks were not in service at the time; at other 247 ones works for additional diagnostics (acoustic emission diagnostics of bottom, control for condition of external anticorrosive coating, additional inspection of foundation, radiographic inspection of welding joint of flange pipe junction welding to water discharge pipe junction in the tanks etc.) were conducted. In the process of examination methods of ultrasonic, acoustic and emission examination and radiographic control were applied. According to the results of the diagnostics condition of the examined objects was declared satisfactory.

The main part of works was conducted at the objects of Transneft Urals, JSC (57 tanks), Transneft Siberia, JSC (54 tanks), Transneft Western Siberia, JSC (42 tanks), Transneft Volga Region, JSC (40 tanks), as well as Transnefteproduct Samara, JSC (30 tanks).

Besides, from the beginning of 2015 Transneft Diascan, JSC diagnosed more than 1 thousand units of additional equipment of line section of main oil and oil products pipelines (sleeve fittings, tapping valves, connecting pieces, annunciators, sockolets, plugs, pressure tapoffs, PIG traps, capacities of spillage collection of PIG traps); 1,110 units of mechanical processing facilities; around 76 km of industrial pipelines of the PS and around 7.5 km of line sections of main oil pipelines, which are not subject to in-line inspection.

In total diagnostic administration planned for 2015 examination of around 8 thousand units of PS objects (tanks, mechanical processing facilities, power-generating equipment, automation systems, PIG traps, welded attachments of line sections of main oil pipelines), as well as approximately 200 km of line sections of main oil pipelines and PS (industrial pipelines of PS, bridges between pipelines, main pump units collectors, line section pipelines of main oil pipelines, not subject to in-line inspection and not examined using nondestructive methods of testing).