Meeting of Chief Engineers from Subsidiaries of the Transneft, JSC System Held at Transneft Diascan, JSC

Date of publication: 27 August 2015

A meeting of chief engineers from subsidiaries of the Transneft, JSC system was held on 26 August 2015 on the premises of Transneft Diascan, JSC. The meeting participants included Pavel Aleksandrovich Revel-Muroz, Vice President of the Company, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Nazarov, Deputy Vice President of the Company, department directors at Transneft, JSC, heads of divisions and services, chief engineers from the Company’s subsidiaries and branches.

The attendees discussed accident occurrence rate at OTPs and OPTPs in 2015, results of inspecting process pipelines at oil pump stations (PSs) in 2014–2015, defect elimination at process pipelines in 2015, the industrial safety and occupational health at Transneft subsidiaries’ facilities, progress in the energy saving program implementation, reduction of fuel and energy consumption from January to June, and other matters.

Reports were presented by Sergey Vladimirovich Nadezhkin, Deputy Head of Pipeline and Oil Depot Operation Department at Transneft, JSC, Igor Grigoryevich Tyurin, Acting Chief Engineer of Transneft Diascan, JSC, Andrey Kirillovich Zaytsev, Head of the Occupational Safety and Operational Control Department of Transneft, JSC, Sergey Mikhaylovich Yemelyanov, Director General of Transneftenergo, LLC, Aleksandr Gennadyevich Voronov, Head of the Department for Engineering Development and Operation of Pipeline Facilities of Transneft, JSC.

Overall, 110 persons took part in the meeting of chief engineers.