Transneft Diascan, JSC Upgrades Multi-Channel Caliper with a Navigation System

Date of publication: 22 May 2015

Transneft Diascan, JSC completes the upgrade of the «Multi-Channel Caliper with a Navigation System 40-KMP.00-00.000» inspection complex, which is designed for in-line inspection of pipelines with the diameter of 40/42/48" (1,020/1,067/1,220 mm).

    The device has been upgraded in accordance with the «Program of Development of Promising Inspection Equipment by Transneft Diascan, JSC». Following the acceptance testing, the upgraded diagnostic system was adopted by the Acceptance Commission of Transneft, JSC.

    In the course of the upgrade, a high-precision navigation system was installed in the caliper; this system allows for measuring the bending radius of the pipeline up to 1,000 DN and for determining the displacement of the pipeline with an accuracy of 0.3 m or more. In addition, the following characteristics of the complex have been improved:

  • the minimum value and error of the measurement of geometry defect depth have been decreased by 1.5 times;
  • the accuracy of coordinate measurement of the pipe axis has been reduced to two meters subject to correction after each 2 km (before, the coordinate measurement error in the horizontal plane was 5 m subject to correction after each 1 km).