Extension of the Standard Series of Diagnostic Equipment

Date of publication: 01 December 2014

According to the approved schedules of the «Program of development of perspective diagnostic equipment of Transneft Diascan, JSC», acceptance tests of equipment described below were conducted and accepted by the acceptance committee of Transneft, JSC:

«Diagnostic complex multichannel geometry tool 6-KMP.00-00.000» designed for in-line diagnosis of 6/8˝ (159/219 mm) diameter pipelines.

Upon putting this complex into operation, diagnosis of 159 and 219 mm diameter pipelines will be possible for the first time with the help of a multichannel geometry tool. In the past, pipelines with the said diameter could be diagnosed with one-channel geometry tools only.

«Diagnostic complex for determining the pipeline position 28-OPT.00-00.000» designed for in-line diagnosis of 28/32˝ (720/820 mm) diameter pipelines.

A strap down inertial navigation system of high frequency was installed in the defect detector, which makes it possible to measure the radii of bend of the pipeline to 2500 DN, pipeline movement from 0.2 m, and determine the position of the pipeline axis to a tolerance of no more than 1 m.