Transneft – Diascan services 

  • In-line inspection of pipelines with diameter of 6“ to 48” using own-developed in-line inspection tools which operation is based on various physical NDT methods. These include geometry tools, ultrasonic, magnetic, combined magnetic and combined magnetic-ultrasonic inspection tools, as well as inspection tools to detect randomly oriented defects.
  • Hazard assessment of detected defects: calculation of strength and durability of each defect detected in the pipeline, determination of repair dates, methods and parameters.
  • Studies, including experimental ones, of full-size defected pipes for strength and durability with combined internal pressure loading and bending including the pipes repaired with the use of various equipment.
  • Manufacturing of pipe cleaning tools.
  • Manufacturing of polyurethane caps and discs for cleaning tools and inspection equipment.
  • Manufacturing of composite materials for repair of oil and oil products trunk pipelines using composite-coupling technology (CCT).
  • Manufacturing of devices to locate in-line inspection tools: transmitters, acoustic and low-frequency locators.
  • Technical inspection of tanks.
  • Technical inspection of industrial pipelines.
  • Checking the functionality of automatics, telemechanics and automated control systems of pumping stations through oil pipelines operation simulation test.
  • Certification of non-destructive testing laboratories.
  • Technical monitoring of buildings and structures.