Pig tracking equipment


Transmitters for PDS cleaning pigs

The transmitter for PDS.00 and PDS.01 cltaning pig is a generator of electromagnetic oscillations in the range of location equipment reception and is designed to be installed on cleaning pigs, gauging pigs and other in-line pigs which are designed for PDS equipment installation in order to detect their location in pipelines. Details

Low-frequency locator LFL.01

Low-frequency locator LFL.01 is an autonomous portable receiver of low-frequency electromagnetic signals designed to detect in-line pigs and determine their location in underground and onshore pipelines equipped with transmitters emitting a 22-Hz signal. Details

Acoustic locator ACL

Acoustic locator ACL is an autonomous portable device designed to detect the in-line inspection tools and cleaning pigs moving through the pipeline by listening to acoustic ground vibrations accompanying their movement on the ground surface. Details

Above-ground marking system

The device is designed for being used on main oil pipelines as part of the MDScan and DMU in-line inspection systems to determine the times when the in-line inspection tool passes the marker points or to detect the location of in-line inspection tool in the pipeline. Details