Technical inspection of oil and oil products storage tanks

Transneft – Diascan provides a full range of technical inspection services for vertical steel tanks, including partial technical inspection (without shutdown of a tank) and full technical inspections (with shutdown of a tank).

The scope of technical inspection includes control methods that allow to assess the technical condition of both individual elements and the entire structure of tanks on the whole:

  • analysis of engineering documentation;
  • inspection of elements as well as visual and measurement control of structural elements;
  • wall, roof, bottom thickness ultrasonic measurement;
  • ultrasonic scanning of wall to determine corrosion condition;
  • ultrasonic testing of wall and bottom welded joints;
  • radiographic testing of wall welds;
  • examination of bottom welds by vacuuming;
  • acoustic and emission monitoring of wall;
  • acoustic and emission monitoring of bottom;
  • detection of bottom corrosion using the magnetic method and confirmation of the results using the ultrasonic method;
  • measurement of geometrical parameters and calculation of tank protective cover capacity;
  • monitoring of anti-corrosion coating condition;
  • inspection of the tank foundation condition.

After the technical inspection service life and safe operation condition of both tank elements and structure and tank on the whole are calculated taking into account the revealed defects.