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"Transneft –Diascan" is the largest Russian provider of technical inspection of trunk, interfiled and gathering pipelines of 6” to 48” in diameter. The company occupies the leading position in the world in terms of scope of in-line inspections carried out using pipeline inspection gadgets (PIGs) of its own production. The average annual scope of work for diagnostics is about 60 thousand km of pipelines. Totally over 1 mln km of pipelines have been inspected by different types of inspection tools manufactured by Transneft – Diascan.

The company has a unique testing area unparalleled in international inspection practice. The test pipes have both artificial and real defects from live pipelines and it allows to simulate pipeline operation, imitate operation of in-line inspection systems (inspection tools) as close to the real conditions as possible, and evaluate the technical capabilities of equipment manufactured by Transneft – Diascan .

Transneft – Diascan provides a full range of technical inspection services for vertical steel tanks, including partial technical inspection (without shutdown of a tank) and full technical inspections (with shutdown of a tank).

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