The technical policy of Public Joint Stock Company «Transneft» (before June 30, 2016 - Oil Transporting Joint-Stock Company Transneft), of safe operation of oil trunk pipelines and oil product pipelines is based on in-line diagnosis of the line section and repair of defects according to its results. The total length of oil trunk pipelines and oil product trunk pipelines of Public Joint Stock Company «Transneft», surpasses 72.9 thousand kilometers.

     According to this strategy, Public Joint Stock Company «Transneft» subsidiary – Joint-Stock Company «Transneft Diascan» (Transneft Diascan, JSC), founded in 1991, performs the following activities:

  • developing and preparing in-line inspection devices and treatment equipment;
  • conducting in-line diagnosis of the line section of pipelines and issuing technical reports, including information about the technical condition evaluation, timeframes and methods of repairs;
  • monitoring the technical condition of pipelines based on regular inspections and maintenance of databases;
  • conducting experimental tests and R&D;
  • performing full technical diagnosis of tanks and partial inspections of tanks without taking them out of operation;
  • performing general contractor functions of technical diagnosis and certification of pipeline facilities: technological and auxiliary pipelines of oil pumping stations, mechanical, technological, and power equipment, automation equipment, remote control and anticorrosive protection; evaluating the technical condition of those facilities and issuing expert reports;
  • checking workability of automation and remote control systems, automated systems of controlling oil pumping stations by testing equipment on a systems stand.

     Transneft Diascan, JSC, performs diagnosis of 6 to 48 inch pipelines with the help of PIGs made by it, whose principle of work is based on different physical methods of non-destructive control. They include geometry tools, ultrasound, magnetic, combined magnetic and combined magnetic and ultrasound defect detectors, meeting the world’s best samples in terms of their technical parameters, and combined magnetic and ultrasound defect detectors permitting to identify, in one session, most types of defects of the line section have no match around the world.

     All the defect detectors manufactured by Transneft Diascan, JSC, are high resolution in-line inspection gadgets capable of both identifying defects and measuring its parameters and classifying them by types. This is a prerequisite for calculating the strength and longitude of defective pipes and calculating the ultimate pressure and ultimate time of operation according to the diagnosis results. Pipeline diagnosis enables their safe operation.

      In order to perform its functions at a high technical level, Transneft Diascan, JSC, has:

  • qualified personnel;
  • testing equipment, including a liquid ground with different diameter pipelines, a hydraulic stand for cyclic tests of pipes through internal pressure and bending;
  • a mechanic workshop;
  • a workshop producing polyurethane products;
  • a certified quality management system conforming to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001-2008.

     Transneft Diascan, JSC, performs its operations pursuant to the Environmental Policy of Public Joint Stock Company «Transneft» and ensures safe operation of oil and oil product trunk pipelines of Russia.